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I'll Be in the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy. It's the perfect read for a few laughs and a lot of great thoughts and stories on bullying. Plus, a ton of great forensic speech prose pieces!

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February 24 - March 5 Carnival Ecstasy

March 21 Fundraiser Louisiana

March 24 - April 2 Carnival Paradise

April 9 - 13 Carnival Dream

April 23 IAAACE keynote, French Lick

April 25 - April 30 Carnival Paradise

May 4 - 7 Howie Mandel's Comedy Club Atlantic City

August 7, 8, 10 - 15 Edinburgh Fringe, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

October 1 - 9 Courthouse Players Theater, Hartford Kentucky, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

October 17 - October 31 Tickle Me Club, Las Vegas, Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

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Accolades Awards Etc.  

2020 Edinburgh Fringe Fest Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

2020 Indiana University Distinguished Alumni

2019 Howie Mandel's Comedy Club Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, NJ

2018 Edinburgh Fringe Fest one man show Marriage and Mayhem

2018 Television Special on VidAngel Network

2017 Oceania Cruise Lines, Regent, and Azmara Cruise lines 

2016 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

2016 The Ultimate Variety Showcase Las Vegas

2014-2015, 2015-1016, 2019 PBS Syndicated TV Series the Friday Zone
2012-2103, 2014-2015 2 Highest Honors Pinnacle Award
2012-2010, 2011-2012, 2014-2015 2017, 2019 9 Pinnacle Awards for Speakers

(Rated "Highest Honors" for Comedy/Motivational)

2012 I'll Be In the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy written and starred, produced by Kentucky Public Theater

2012 January -August Starred in his own show, Comic Therapy in Las Vegas, Rio Hotel and Casino
Carnival Cruise line highest rated comedian by passenger ratings. 2007, 2010
2007 Award Top Choice Best Reviewed Novel
2004 Comedy CD Nominated JPF Independent Music award for Best Comedy Album

2010-2012 Published in numerous journals and books on bullying and comedy

TV, Film, Radio, Podcast, Books, Appearances


CMT's Nashville (episode 8, 2018)

PBS syndicated series The Friday Zone (2014-2015, 2015-2016), MTV - The Jenny McCarthy Show, ESPN, Nightshift w/Ferguson, The Danny Bonaduce Show


James, Gospel Writer's Autographs (2013)


WGN Bill and Wendy (2014)

WLS Roe Conn

​WLW Gary Burbank


Voice of America


WGN (2019)

Mike Estimee (2017)

The LNI Comedy Talk Show (2014)

Center for Gifted Studies (2014)

Bill and Wendy WGN (2014)


Hell Gig, Enlightening the Road Comic

Don't Feed The Bully

I'll Be in the Locker, Portraits of a High School Wuss

You did it Where?

​Hell To Pay

Speaking of Math

Billy Fustertag Learns Comedy

Could You Be President? Presidential Poems

Halloween Spooky Poems

I'll Be in the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy


Carnival Cruise lines, Comedy Stop at the Tropicana, Zanies, Loony Bin, Funny Bone, Improv, Wisecrackers, Snickerz, Funny business, Comedy Zone, River Center Comedy Club, Cozzy's Comedy Club, Bonkerz, Jongleurs, UK, Highlights, UK, Funhouse comedy, UK, Howie Mandel's Comedy Club, Penguin's Comedy Club

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Hilarious, Relevant, Brilliant! 

From totally clean to intelligent hilarious adult themed shows, Brad makes everybody happy! No matter the show, no matter the group, no matter the age. 

"It's true Brad Tassell. We all talked about how your show wasn't just funny & entertaining. But it had a good, positive message! Thanks for the awesome experience!" Susan Land Shelton

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