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"My daughter came home from the Halloween Dance last year and said, 'They played 3 Halloween songs in 3 hours.'  I was livid, so I sad down and wrote 9 new classic Halloween songs. And with Master Musician/comedian Steve Goodie (Harry Potter songs and Dr. Demento) We recorded what will become the standard by which all Halloween songs are measured."

                                      Brad Tassell

Vampire's Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party is released August 15, 2019. It is a must for your collection and for every stream you stream! 

Brad Tassell


For 30 years a professional full-time comedian, author, speaker, educator Brad Tassell has proven he is not only hilarious, but smart, kind, useful, and the perfect performer for any group, any place, any time. His first full length comedy special Brad 2 the Bone will be on the VidAngel service in 2018. He has been seen on CMT, ESPN, MTV, PBS. Along with working 40 to 50 weeks a year doing stand up in clubs, corporate, keynote address, conferences, on Carnival Cruiselines, Brad uses his Master's degree in Behavioral Sciences to bring solution-based interventions, award-winning, and hilarious educational keynotes on bullying prevention to schools, educators, and workshops. 

Without a doubt there is no other comedian working today who can enlist and entertain 100% of the audience, and always with the strongest in professionalism and respect for each person's needs.

Brad created the Virtual Comedy Show concept and has a successful show running every week and his video/livestream podcast 1000 Marriage questions with Marriage Therapist Donna Wilburn is ground breaking.

Brad Tassell is also the author of the most critically acclaimed and first book on the real life of stand up comedy on the road. Hell Gig, Enlightening the Road Comic was called "required reading" for anyone interested in stand up. Comedians, from novice to famous, have lauded the book's contribution to their success.

Brad has seven books, major publications, a new television show for the fall, and a feature film in his recent biography. Plus, each year Brad speaks to up to 100 schools, and more than 6000 students read his book.